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Hand Hygiene

Hand Hygiene

This course will give an overview of the implications of not using proper hand hygiene, how to perform proper hand hygiene, and when to use proper hand hygiene.


Duration: 1 Hour     CPD Points: 1

  • Objectives

    At the end of this course, the learner will be able to: 

    • Identify reasons why hand hygiene is important
    • Describe who should be concerned with hand hygiene
    • Describe the steps to proper hand hygiene
    • Identify the 5 moments for hand hygiene
  • Course Content

    Unit 1

    • Hand Hygiene – Course Introduction
    • The Importance of Hand Hygiene
    • How Are Hands Cleaned?
    • How to Use Alcohol-based Handrub
    • How to Wash Hands with Soap and Water
    • Caring for Your Hands
    • Fingernails
    • 5 Moments for Hand Hygiene
    • Before Touching a Patient
    • Before Clean/Aseptic Procedure
    • After Body Fluid Exposure Risk
    • After Touching a Patient
    • After Touching Patient Surroundings
    • Medical Glove Use
  • Certification

    On successful completion of the quiz, you will be awarded a CPD accredited Hand Hygiene free course certificate.


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