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First Aid (Resuscitation) Level 2 Course

First Aid (Resuscitation) Level 2 Course

This Resuscitation Level 2 – Basic Life Support online course will give an overview of training related to adult resuscitation including emergency response, chest compressions, airway management, and the use of an AED.


Duration: 2 Hour     CPD Points: 2

  • Objectives

    At the end of this course, the learner will be able to:

    • Identify signs of clinical deterioration
    • Understand how to deliver effective lung ventilations and quality chest compressions
    • Understand how to help someone who is choking
    • Understand what an AED is and how to use it
    • Describe what a DNACPR means and why someone would want to refuse treatment
    • Understand your role and responsibilities
  • Course Content

    Unit 1

    • Resuscitation Level 2 – Course Introduction
    • Introduction
    • Clinical Deterioration
    • NEWS
    • Cardiac Arrest
    • ABCDE Approach
    • If You Come Upon a Victim
    • Airway Management
    • Effective Chest Compressions
    • Special Considerations -Pregnancy
    • Lung Ventilations
    • Putting it Together
    • AEDs
    • AED Considerations
    • Choking
    • What to Do if Someone is Choking
    • Recovery Position
    • Proper Record Keeping
    • What is DNACPR?
    • DNACPR Legal Considerations
    • ReSPECT
    • DNACPR Decisions
    • Your Role
    • The Resuscitation Team
  • Certification

    On successful completion of the quiz, you will be awarded a CPD accredited First Aid (Resuscitation) Level 2 Course free course certificate.


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