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Care Certificate Standard 2 - Your Personal Development

Care Certificate Standard 2 - Your Personal Development

This Care Certificate Standard 2 -personal development course will give an overview of different aspects of having a career in healthcare, including job descriptions, responsibilities, and things not included in certain roles. The course will encourage you to explore your company values and objectives and how your role fits into these.


Duration: 1 hour     CPD Points: 1

  • Objectives

    At the end of this course, the learner will be able to:

    • Describe the importance of professional development
    • Understand why it is important to raise concerns
    • Describe how to raise concerns at your organisation
    • Understand how professional development can be accomplished through informal practices such as shadowing or mentoring
  • Course Content

    Unit 1

    • Course Introduction – Your Personal Development
    • Personal Development
    • Importance of Personal Development
    • Formal Professional Development
    • Case Study – Hannah
    • Self-Reflection – Personal Development
    • Resources for Professional Development
    • Case Study – Heloise and Barbara
    • Duty of Care
    • Importance of Reporting Concerns
    • How to Report Concerns
    • Reflective Practice
  • Certification

    On successful completion of the quiz, you will be awarded a CPD accredited Care Certificate Standard 2 -Your Personal Development free course certificate.


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